Schönefeld Airport (SXF)

Fuck the ladies cleaning the bathrooms here.

I actually debated getting heated up about this.. so here it goes. I just showed up to Terminal D at the Schönefeld Airport to pick up my Dad. I needed to do my “business” after the drive here. By business I mean I needed to take a shit. I acknowledged the two women waiting in front of the restrooms with their cleaning cart in an attempt to confirm that they should wait for me to finish before they get started on cleaning. The didn’t wait. I actually don’t give a fuck.. and obviously neither do they, but shouldn’t they? And shouldn’t I? If the situation was gender reversed wouldn’t the dude that went into the women’s bathroom pre-emptively be totally fucked? As in instantly lose his job? The ladies don’t need to lose their job in my opinion. I guess the idea of me sharing this is to let everyone out there know that I’m totally ok with the fact that they came in while I was mid shit. If I should care please convince me as to why?

I actually don’t give a fuck

— The Real Remington

There are so many things that I think I should get angry about, but I just don’t care. Should I care more?

[EN] Episode 2 – Residence Permit Part I


In this episode Remington talks about two types of Residence Permits you can apply for when in Germany. He explains in short details what steps you need to take before you can apply for a Residence Permit. There are 10 different types of Residents Permits you can apply for in Germany. Here is a helpful website for getting an overview of them: 

How to Immigrate to Germany

Getting a Residence Permit for Germany

[DE] Episode 3 – Lutz Splettstößer


Lutz Splettstößer ist ehemaliger Apotheker, Vater, Gitarrenbauer, Leidenschaftliche Skifahrer und mein Schwiegervater. In diesem Gespräch unterhalten wir uns um die Anfangsschwierigkeiten als ich erst nach Deutschland gekommen bin und wie wir die verschieden Hürden Überwonnen haben.

[EN] Episode 1 – Moving to Germany

Hello Friends, my name is Remington and today I want to share with you the story of my making the move from the United States to Germany. There have been a lot of ups and downs over the years.. a lot of challenges, and a lot of good times! What I would like to do here, and the reason for me creating this video is to open up a dialogue with other people who may have had similar experiences, or are maybe themselves thinking about making the move.

My Story

My name is Remington and this is my blog. I write about the things I don’t understand, the things that scare me, or piss me off. I interview people I find interesting in hopes that you also find these people interesting.

I am an ex-patriot living in the a small province called Pasewalk in the German State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Because of my location and the bi-lingual life I live, I will post in both english and german… which ever is more appropriate.

Why do this?

  • There are so many interesting people and stories to be shared. Podcasting and blogging is the easiest most free format to get theses stories and perspectives out there.
  • It feels right. I admit I love to hear myself talk. Actively listening and getting people to open up is a skill I have.
  • I hope the long format of a live podcast will induce my guests to open up about the things that fire them up. The live format keeps thing real.

Originally from the Northern California area I became an “exotic” when I moved out to a small village in the old east Germany.

Why blog publicly?

  • Sharing my honest opinions and thoughts on the world around me is an experiment in finding a common ground with other ex-patriots here in Germany.
  • People that are considering making the move to Germany will hopefully be able to learn from the mistakes I made.
  • Moving and staying in Germany for me is a constant journey. The cultural differences are many.. but I think I’m slowly going “full German.”

What topics will I write about?

  • Moving to Germany permanently
  • The cultural nuances of “Z-Germans”
  • What I love here and why I stayed
  • Tips and tricks for taking the leap of faith needed to relocate.
  • Health and Fitness, Keto Diet, Fasting, hacking your diet. What you put in is what you get out.
  • My passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu even though I found it at a late age.
  • The “joys” of parenting. I’m a father of three. Two girls and a boy.
  • The journey of trying out Podcasting.
  • Starting out as a comedian at 35 in Germany as an American.

Who would I love to connect with via my blog?

  • I hope to connect to others that share the same passions as I do.
  • I love to be challenged on the things I believe, so anybody that has a unique perspective that can back up their ideas with convincing arguments is game for my show.
  • I’ve always prided myself on keeping my ego low enough to accept that I don’t know shit. Usually the first step to learning is accepting that. Guests that reveal this are my target interviewees.

Hopefully by next year the podcast and blog “Der Amerikaner” has reached the people that can relate with my thirst for connection to others and more knowledge in general.

Please join me in my journey of enlightenment. For me this means constantly re-inventing myself through self-realisation and humility with a large dose of gratitude!

-The Real Remington