Harold Derbitsky, President of ACT (Advanced Coaches Training) Inc. specializes in projects and training in, Addiction in Low Income High-Risk Situations, he is the author of four books, two of which dive into the spirituality of America’s Indigenous people.
Native Spirituality In Prisons Modified Version is Published by Sage Publications in the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PRISONS AND CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES
Alita’s Sacred Journey -In many ways this is an unusual book; every reader who likes it has been attracted to it for different reasons. Some are drawn to the Native Alita and her understanding of Native mythology and ceremony. Others who experience specific problems such as loneliness and grief or the death of a loved one; this book has helped them to understand the healing power that lies profoundly within each human being. Some have been attracted to Alita’s wisdom, which is often far greater than the general level of professional advice given in today’s world, while others have been attracted to Alita’s love relationships. Some have read the book because they have liked what I have said, either professionally or socially. In the end, I wrote this book to share a mystical journey with Alita, one which will begin to reveal the magic and wisdom of life, as I understood it, at the moment I wrote these passages.    
His other two books 
Obviously deal with Addiction, but with a different approach. He writes – “Let’s look at an easier and more hopeful direction to uncovering the missing link to your happiness and contentment, the next step in the ‘Evolution of Addiction Recovery’. This book points to the innate wisdom and health in all human beings, while examining and comparing other well-known treatment methods and Indigenous ceremony with the 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought, as uncovered by Sydney Banks.”
Harold and Joe are part of a fellowship they’ve created for helping people in need. Check out the website and YouTube channel – links are in the show notes – to get even more of a taste for what they are about, a present to you Harold Derbitsky and Joe Fletcher.
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Over the last year, I feel that the conversations and guests we’ve had on the show point to an internal drive to seek the truth. It sounds so esoteric to say that there is deeper energy flowing through all of us, connecting all of us. The fact is, when I connect with these folks on the podcast, I continue to work through the interaction throughout the week. There is so much to learn from the stories of others, and I truly believe there is some “thing” out there, whether you call it consciousness, energy, the universe, or god, whatever it is, somehow connects us. This podcast is proof of that connection.
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