Hema Vyas is an Ayurvedic life guide and a well-known lecturer on  spirituality, human consciousness, heart wisdom, and wellness. Hema’s  clients credit her for generating the room needed to expose previously  unarticulated opportunities found deep in our hearts. She has created  “needle-turning solutions” to previously hard to solve challenges in  both personal and professional forums.  She bases her philosophy on the  knowledge that by bringing together the four parts of the human  anatomy—the heart, mind, body, and soul—people can achieve greater  well-being, creativity, and prosperity. Born in Kenya to Indian parents,  Hema hails from a long lineage of Vaidyas, also known as Ayurvedic  doctors. From a young age she realised that she is an “Empath” and was  naturally attracted to helping others. During her time as a professional  psychologist, she has worked with numerous people and groups who shared  their understandings of the marvels of self-knowledge. To connect to  your true prosperity, follow the unique wisdom of your heart. In her own  words she says “As a professional psychologist I have worked with  countless individuals and groups shedding light on the magnificence of  knowing our hearts. Time and time again I see that by finding and  following the unique wisdom of their hearts, each individual connects to  their true prosperity which encompasses the five pillars of health,  love, wealth, passion and purpose.”  

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