Fuck the ladies cleaning the bathrooms here.

I actually debated getting heated up about this.. so here it goes. I just showed up to Terminal D at the Schönefeld Airport to pick up my Dad. I needed to do my “business” after the drive here. By business I mean I needed to take a shit. I acknowledged the two women waiting in front of the restrooms with their cleaning cart in an attempt to confirm that they should wait for me to finish before they get started on cleaning. The didn’t wait. I actually don’t give a fuck.. and obviously neither do they, but shouldn’t they? And shouldn’t I? If the situation was gender reversed wouldn’t the dude that went into the women’s bathroom pre-emptively be totally fucked? As in instantly lose his job? The ladies don’t need to lose their job in my opinion. I guess the idea of me sharing this is to let everyone out there know that I’m totally ok with the fact that they came in while I was mid shit. If I should care please convince me as to why?

I actually don’t give a fuck

— The Real Remington

There are so many things that I think I should get angry about, but I just don’t care. Should I care more?